Kefalonia is one of the seven Ionian Islands, the largest of the group with a very mountainous landscape, a rugged coastline which gives way too many spectacular beaches such as Myrtos Beach the most photographed and well known beach of Kefalonia.  In ancient times Kefalonia was separated into four main city states, each with their own government, to an extent these city states still remain today as the islands layout falls into four main areas with the southern area being the most developed for tourism and where the islands capital Argostoli is located, the western peninsular is very agricultural, the northern area with fine examples of the Venetian architecture which was once found all over Kefalonia before the great earthquakes of 1953 and the east where the islands main port of Sami is situated along with some of the islands natural phenomenon such as Drogarati Cave and Melisanni Lake, it’s in this area of outstanding natural beauty where the Sami Beach Villas are located.  Kefalonia is a very diverse island offering something for everyone, the Kefalonian hospitality towards it’s’ visitors is well known around the world.

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